Sales Info

1. Be sure ticket buyers NAME & PHONE # are legible
2. Ticket Purchaser must be older than 19 – If parent is buying for a child, put the child’s name where
the Duck’s name goes.
3. Always put your name on the back of the ticket book – this helps returning the book & also if it’s left
on a table during sales with a fellow Rotarian
4. When selling with a partner, always try to sell lowest number books first
5. It’s OK to sell tickets to your family members
6. Sign up for ticket selling shift on website (Your email “Loging in to the duck dip schedule” dated June 24, 2017)
7. Whenever time permits at the morning meetings, we will post the schedule to fill in the spaces

1. At each morning meeting Trammy, Mark Berry & Jerry will be set up to give out books & receive sold
books with money
2. If you misplaced or passed your book onto another member, please advise Trammy, Mark or Jerry
ASAP as the books you take out are YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. As per the Gaming Rules, we must keep
track of possession of all tickets
3. Return sold books with money ASAP on Tuesdays or you can drop them off during the week at
Quality Stoves
4. If possible, please return ticket stubs and money in an envelope with your name & book # written on
the envelope
5. During the week, tickets will be available at Quality Stoves. Call Jerry 250-830-8745

1. Tables will be at the following sites:
2. Save-On-Foods during sales week only
3. Quality Foods, Thrifty Foods & Farmer’s Market throughout our sales period.
4. At other locations ( Canadian Tire & Royal Bank of Canada ) you may have to pick them up to start the shift or return them at the end of the
shift to 507 S McLean St – check with your selling partner as to who will do the tables.