Duckdip Kettle Top
Date Desk Duty Greeter Greeter Foundation Desk Fining Sergeant 3 min Thumb Nail
2017-10-24 Mark Berry Rory Evans Harold Hayes Maria Kirley Craig Gillis Maria Kirley
2017-10-31 Diana Gardner Dave Healy Don Huestis George Lambert Sandra Parkes George Lambert
2017-11-07 Susanne Grundison Janice Feeney Bruce Izard Bruce Murdoch Kevin Simonett Janice Feeney
2017-11-14 Chris Haslett Fran Ferguson Terry Jacques George Nyman Dan Wickham Susanne Grundison
2017-11-21 Rhonda Harper Kelly Fisher Tacey Keizer Sandra Parkes Barry Peters Sandra Parkes
2017-11-28 Jim Harris Diana Gardner Inge Kettler Urbain Patrick Mystery Fining Sergeant Jim Harris
2017-12-05 Harold Hayes Susanne Grundison Maria Kirley Yvonne Pelletier Paul Ron Fisher Urbain Patrick
2017-12-12 Don Huestis Paul Tenywa George Lambert Barry Peters Bruce Murdoch Don Huestis
2017-12-19 Bruce Izard Rhonda Harper Jurgen Kettler Doug Phyall Kent Reesor Rhonda Harper
2017-12-26 No Meeting No Meeting No Meeting No Meeting No Meeting No Meeting
2018-01-02 Tacey Keizer Harold Hayes George Nyman Jerry Roberts Darryn Striga Jerry Roberts
2018-01-09 Inge Kettler Don Huestis Sandra Parkes Leona Perkins Barry Peters Jurgen Kettler
2018-01-16 Jurgen Kettler Bruce Izard Urbain Patrick Kevin Somonett Bruce Murdoch Bruce Izard
2018-01-23 Maria Kirley Terry Jaceques Yvonne Pelletier Paul Taylor Stephen Bruce Izard Taylor Stephen
2018-01-30 George Lambert Tacey Keizer Barry Peters William Stephens Ron Fisher Tacey Keizer
2018-02-06 Bruce Murdoch Inge Kettler Doug Phyall Darryn Striga Mark Berry Doug Phyall
2018-02-13 George Nyman Juergen Kettler Kent Reesor T Tazumi Craig Gillis T Tazumi
2018-02-20 Sandra Parkes Maria Kirley Jerry Roberts Paul Tenywa Sandra Parkes Paul Tenywa
2018-02-27 Urbain Patrick George Lambert Kent Reesor Stephanie Tipple Kevin Simonett Kevin Simonett
2018-03-06 Yvonne Pelletier Paul Bruce Murdoch Kevin Simonett Trammy Tran Mark Berry Bruce Murdoch
2018-03-13 Barry Peters George Nyman Taylor Stephen Cathy Voth Dan Wickham George Nyman
2018-03-20 Doug Phyall Sandra Parkes William Stephens Jim Voth Ron Fisher Jim Voth
2018-03-27 Kent Reesor Urbain Patrick Leona Perkins Barry Watchorn Barry Peters Barry Watchorn
2018-04-03 Jerry Roberts Janice Feeney T Tazumi Josh West Barry Peters Janice Feeney
2018-04-10 Leona Perkins Barry Peters Paul Tenywa Dan Wickham Bruce Murdoch Barry Peters
2018-04-17 Chris Haslett Doug Phyall Dave Bazowski Hansi Zihlmann Bruce Izard Dave Healy
2018-04-24 Kevin Simonett Kent Reesor Mark Berry Dave Bazowski Dan Wickham Kent Reesor
2018-05-01 Jerry Roberts Janice Feeney T Tazumi Josh West Barry Peters Josh West
2018-05-08 William Stephens Chris Haslett Erica Chan Lafrance Kim Bull Sandra Parkes Sandra Rushton
2018-05-15 Hansi Zihlmann Dave Healy Bobbi Colwell Erica Chan Lafrance Mystery Fining Erica Chan Lafrance
2018-05-22 Sandra Rushton Taylor Stephen Leona Perkins Bobbi Colwell Kevin Simonett Bobbi Colwell
2018-05-29 Inge Kettler William Stephens Craig Cormier Amy Concepcion Dan Wickham Craig Cormier
2018-06-05 Chris Haslett Shelley Lepierrer Shawn Cowan Craig Cormier Kent Reesor Amy Concepcion
2018-06-12 Erica Chan Lafrance Thanh Tazumi Dave Healy Shelley Lepierrer Barry Peters Shawn Cowan
2018-06-19 Urbain Patrick Paul Tenywa Rory Evans Mark Eikeland Bruce Murdoch Cathy Voth
2018-06-26 Dave Bazowski Josh West Trammy Tran Janice Feeney Kelly Fisher Trammy Tran


Duckdip Kettle Top
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SOF Save-On-Foods CT Canadian Tire
SS Spirit Square FM Farmers Market
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Duckdip Kettle Top

Recent Posts

Quacker 5000




Campbell River Daybreak Rotary Club is excited to announce our Quacker 5000 – our major fundraising event that annually raises nearly $40,000 that in turn is invested in local community projects and services.   It is because of our sponsors and those who purchase our ‘duck tickets’ that we have been able to contribute in a meaningful way to the larger Campbell River community.

In our twenty-eight years as a local service club we have built the Maritime Heritage Centre and more recently contributed to the creation of Hillcrest House and the Sportsplex Splash Park. The Discovery Pier lights, Youth and Seniors Partnership Project, an annual Christmas family lunch for single parents, the playground at the Spit, the Aquarium and Hospice, are just a few examples of the imprint we hope to leave each year in our community.

This family oriented day will be held  at the centrally located Spirit Square on Saturday, September 16th.  Featuring activities that appeal to younger children – hockey shoot, story time, duck pond, craft table, face painting, music, and more will be provided as we scoop this year’s ‘lucky ducks’ from their dunking in a pool provided by the Nanaimo Model Boat Club, special guests for the day .

In closing, we Daybreak Rotarians thank you for your support. We may get the accolades, but we couldn’t do it without your generosity and your belief in “Service Above Self”.